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Why Donate to the Brother’s Brunch?

The Brothers Brunch is dedicated to changing the narrative of Men and how the world sees them through providing tools needed for them to be successful to show up as better husbands, fathers and friends, We believe that the work we do within will help with the work we do in the world.

How Your Donations Are Used

Donations will go towards offsetting the cost incurred to curating spaces that teach male development, fatherhood initiatives, Job readiness, reducing recidivism, and workforce development. Contributions will also help with cost towards the organization’s annual commitment to Haiti. This initiative gives volunteers the opportunity to pour into the lives of those who live in impoverished areas and remain disproportionately poor.

Our work is a mixture of the following three ingredients: Cuisine, Culture, and Connection. These components are an expansion of one's palate far beyond just the culinary. We facilitate men doing their work first in the effort of being fully equipped to do the work in their prospective communities both near and far.
Kevan Turman
The Brother's Brunch Founder

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