About Us

Brotherhood is a sacred entity that bonds and unites men in a unique way – it transcends distance, time, and status which should pay no attention to difference or barriers. Established in 2015 by Kevan L. Turman the Brothers Brunch focuses on three ingredients: Cuisine, Culture and Connections.

The Brunch exposes men to a new and dynamic dining experience that complements the wealth of the simple concept of... conversation. This experience is a cultural emergence which fosters professional and personal connections that result in both new and renewed bonds being built and developed.



The Traditional brunch is a brunch experience that brings men from all professional and personal walks of life together for a simple dining experience. This brunch is informal in nature but no topics are off limits. These brunches are never main stream and always take place in venues that challenge men in an effort to expand their palates.

Collegiate “I Am”

The Collegiate “I Am” Movement was birthed in 2017 and sheds light on the vast array of men enrolled in institutions who, despite their initial differences, are bonded through their college experience and quest to become better men. The brunch challenges the divisiveness nature of organizational affiliations by creating an atmosphere conducive for all to take part in.

This area was designed based off of the founder’s Freshmen year at Lincoln University. The theme for men was “I Am” based off of the Ubuntu African proverb “I Am because we are, therefore we are because I Am…” It spoke to the interconnectedness and responsibility that we have for each other. It embodies the concept of Ubuntu, the African idea of living harmoniously in community.


The Mentorship area focuses on elementary, middle school and high school aged boys. The bank of men who are formed by way of the Brothers Brunch cohort are used purposefully to help groom and mold young men who will come after them.


On the 16th Day of November in 2015 Kevan L. Turman wanted to celebrate his birthday differently. He thought about his friendships and the networks he built over years and years and thought that it would be amazing to bring all those cohorts of brothers together at one time. He decided to host a brunch with just his brothers from all walks of life to merely eat, drink and celebrate life. The brunch was hugely successful and was met with lots of brothers asking him to coordinate once more. Kevan thought that he may have been on to something and from that point The Brothers Brunch began!

Today, The Brothers Brunch is comprised of the talented three; two of which are graduates of the first degree granting Historically Black College and University. The Third Element is Olanrewaju Adeyemi who serves as the Creative Content Partner.

Kevan L. Turman

Creator and Founder