A Privileged Palate

Today as I drove up to drop my daughter off at school I ended up behind a vehicle that decided to drive alarmingly close to a huge truck who was attempting to back into a driveway. Was I  witnessing a bit of road rage? The road we are on spills directly into my daughters school which means we are both headed towards carline. Patiently waiting for this car to get it together and provide the car in front of them some space to bank into their driveway yet it’s becoming a standoff.  Eventually the parent slowly backs up and the gentleman (extremely annoyed) is finally able to back into his driveway.

I continue to follow the parent but I have to admit… now I’m intrigued. What side of the bed did you wake up on this morning? Why so angry? So as if things couldn’t possibly get more interresting… now I am stuck behind said driver in carline. There is no movement from child nor parent. My daughter is conditioned to gather her things and hustle so she can jump right out the car as soon as we pull up.  Have a great day!  Daddy loves you! Be good are all said as her are hitting the ground. Meanwhile there is no movement in front of me. Then a teacher comes running up to the car and opens the door. The child walks out the car and stands there. The teacher reaches into the car and grabs the child’s book bag and lunchbox and cheerfully hands both to the kid.

I get carline… I get private school… I even understand the courtesy of properly greeting students and their families as it sets the tone for the day. However, where do we draw the line for our kids. I could be overly sensitive or simply annoyed by the driver and their lack of patience. I just can’t help but think that this is where entitlement becomes a learned behavior. Privilege indeed exist but is that what you’d call this particular situation?