The Fallacy in Forgiveness

There is no time limit on forgiveness. Does one have a right to tell someone how long it takes to let something go? One can certainly argue that forgiveness is a journey and indeed that journey is loaded and filled with roadblocks, traffic lights and triggers. Forgiveness does not however, give one permission to continue to do wrong. Many are reluctant to forgive in that they feel like they then become vulnerable to being wronged again and again. That can certainly be understandable but why must many of us feel like we have to be in control of what life provides us.

Sure, wisdom is important but isn’t it life’s occurrences that strengthen our discernment and fortitude? Forgiveness can be viewed as a highway with many, many exits.  At some point you will need to stop and refuel or recharge but the journey is quite a trip! I wonder why many of us don’t respect the process of forgiveness? Perhaps it’s because we’ve all learned that hurt people hurt people and that people at their core… want reciprocity!

The Fallacies of Forgiveness…