When I was young my mama use to tell me… “The Truth shall set you free…”

I never quite knew what that meant until now….

This journey to be free and live in my truth!

Falsely accused of being perfect… wandering around for 30 years taking a piece from here and a piece from there trying to build what I thought would become ME. Just imagine my dismay when I was forced to actually look at my reflection and stood indifferent about what I now SEE. Formerly open and receptive now closed and aloof… it’s the TRUTH!

Defined by what appears to be full and tall… pruned and proper. Disregarding the overgrown weeds that have formed shackles on each ankle debilitating me to take huge strides. Wondering why, when but knowing who planted the seed. So conditioned to being accountable.. standing tall regardless of those who have passed by me and carve their names in me and have the audacity to encapsulate it with the shape of a heart as if there is STILL hope. I fought this with nail and tooth and now I’m forced to stand in my…

Why is something so simple… so hard to do?

Image: “Truth, Seattle” by Curtis Cronn is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0