"Why didn't I come here sooner?"

Hamlet Daily

"You are what you eat?"


"Men no longer have to suffer in silence."


"Why didn't I come here sooner?"

Hamlet Daily
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Brotherhood —

is a sacred entity that bonds and unites men in a unique way – it transcends distance, time, and status which should pay no attention to difference or barriers. Established in 2015 by Kevan L. Turman the Brothers Brunch focuses on three ingredients: Cuisine, Culture and Connections.


Sticks & Stones: A Member Exclusive

Come out and meet other members of the tribe! Enjoy complimentary lite bites, drink specials and a Stick on us!

Ghana Winter Abroad 2022

The Brothers Brunch in Ghana will expand the palates of young men and expose them to the cultural dining dynamics richly rooted in the Ghanaian experience. The Brothers Brunch experience infuses the ingredients...

“Off The Muscle” Same Muscle Different Hustle

The Brothers Brunch Inc. Presents: Off The Muscle; Same Muscle Different Hustle. A 6-Week Module for those who desire to...

The Brothers Brunch Inc. —

In 2018 The Brothers Brunch entity decided to add a non-profit arm to its body of work. The Founders deep commitment to service called for more to be done in both domestic and international communities.

The Haiti Experience

The Brothers Brunch travels to Haiti each year. We are deeply connected to local, regional and international communities with underserved populations. The HAiTI Experience will be an annual effort to see all parts of Haiti and help in multiple ways while building partnerships throughout each journey.

The Fatherhood Initiative: D.O.P.E. Dads

The Brothers Brunch Inc. includes D.O.P.E. Dads which is a fatherhood initiative which means “Dedicated to Outstanding Parenting Everyday.”

A part of rewriting the narrative is the mitigating and dispelling the notion that all fathers abandon their kids. This initiative provides many of the tools that men need to continue to show up in the greatest most meaningful way for their kids and the young people who look up to them.